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Preventive Dentistry – Alhambra, CA

Personalized Proactive Prevention

While Dr. Gashparova strives to customize the way she takes care of her patients based on their unique needs, concerns, and goals, there’s one thing that works for absolutely everyone: prevention. Prevention helps you keep the dental cost low and the dental problems small. With a combination of at-home oral hygiene and routine visits to Advanced Dentistry of Alhambra, we will help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Is it time for you or your child’s next checkup and cleaning? If so, contact us today to schedule your appointment for preventive dentistry in Alhambra, CA.

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Why Choose Advanced Dentistry of Alhambra for Preventive Dental Care?

  • Happy to Treat the Entire Family
  • Warm, Friendly, & Gentle Team
  • We believe in the power of Prevention

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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Even if you consistently brush and floss, our team still recommends that you should get at least one checkup and cleaning every six months. Your tools at home simply aren’t able to clean every single surface of your mouth, which can allow plaque and tartar to gather and cause decay. Professional cleanings can easily remove these hard-to-reach substances, and an exam from Dr. Gashparova will find any potential problems nice and early so she can treat them right away.

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Fluoride Treatments

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Fluoride is a natural element and so far still the most effective agent for tooth decay prevention. Used as a topical application, fluoride builds on the outer surface of the teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to the acids in your saliva. The American Dental Association recommends a professional application of fluoride at least twice a year. We regularly use topical fluoride treatments in our dental office to give our patients an extra layer of cavity protection between appointments. This is especially helpful for children who are still developing their oral care habits.

Nightguards for Bruxism

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People respond to daily stress in a wide variety of ways, and in addition to munching on fingernails, one of the most common is called bruxism. This is unconscious teeth grinding that primarily occurs while someone is asleep. Over time, this can weaken the teeth to the point that they actually crack and break! Thankfully, we can provide patients in need with a nightguard to wear to bed. This small oral appliance fits comfortably over the teeth and separates them to keep them safe while you slumber.

Oral Cancer Screenings

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Oral cancer is a dangerous disease and early discovery is critically important. It takes a trained eye as well as technological assistance to catch the early signs. During your routine checkups, we will perform an oral cancer screening where we look for any sores, growths, or discoloration in your mouth that could indicate trouble. If something looks suspicious, we will refer you to the right place for additional diagnosis, so there is no delay in beginning treatment.