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Invisalign Corrections – Alhambra, CA

A Smart Solution for Dental Misalignment

When Invisalign first hit the market more than 20 years ago, it was quite limited in what it could accomplish. Thanks to remarkable advancement in technology, however, this clear braces system is now capable of addressing a wide range of dental issues. In fact, it is suitable for most cases of mild to moderate misalignment. On this page, we will discuss some of the specific problems that it is able to fix.

Woman showing off beautiful smile after Invisalign corrections in Alhambra

Bite Problems

Overbite, example of a bite problem that Invisalign can fix

Bite problems, also known as malocclusion, can include:


Overbite is when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. It is one of the most common orthodontic issues. By shifting the teeth and training the jaw to rest in its proper position, Invisalign is often able to correct overbite.



Underbite occurs when the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth when the mouth is closed. Depending on the severity of your overbite, Invisalign might need the help of additional therapies or accessories to help you achieve harmonious occlusion.


Crossbite describe a condition wherein only some of the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. If you have a crossbite, you might need some additional treatment in addition to Invisalign, but Invisalign is able to correct most cases.

Open Bite

You have an open bite if your front top and bottom teeth do not contact each other even when your molars are pressed together. Invisalign may be able to address overbite, thereby enhancing your facial aesthetics and improving your oral health.

Spacing Issues

Gapped teeth, a spacing issue that Invisalign can correct

Whether your teeth are too far from each other or crowded together, Invisalign in Alhambra may be able to help.

Gapped Teeth

Gapped teeth is just what it sounds like — there is extra space between adjacent teeth. Gaps are aesthetically displeasing and may increase your risk of gum disease. Invisalign can help bring your teeth closer together.


Overcrowded, overlapped teeth can interfere with your bite and increase your risk of numerous oral health problems. Invisalign may have to work along with extractions to help you find freedom from a crowded smile.

Other Problems Invisalign Can Fix

Woman with TMD, may benefit from Invisalign treatment

The above-listed issues are some of the most common problems Invisalign can address, but it may be helpful for other issues too, including:


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) refers to problems with the jaw joint. There are quite a few different TMD therapies on the market, and the most appropriate option varies from patient to patient. However, Invisalign might be the ideal solution for some individuals. It may be able to help by creating a more harmonious bite that relieves stress on the jaw joint and surrounding muscles.

Minorly Crooked Teeth

The other issues listed on this page can have both aesthetic and health consequences. However, some people have dental misalignment that does not pose a threat to their well-being. Rather, they are interested in Invisalign as a purely cosmetic treatment. If your teeth are only slightly out of place, Invisalign may be ideal for you.

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