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Orthodontics– Alhambra, CA

Straighter Teeth, Better Smiles

For a long time, many people thought that straightening the teeth only served to make the smile look better. While orthodontics can certainly help with aesthetics, it can also drastically improve someone’s oral health by making their teeth easier to clean, plus it can fix bite misalignments that cause chronic pain throughout the face and head. Whether your child could benefit from braces or you’re interested in Invisalign for yourself, visiting Advanced Dentistry of Alhambra is an easy way to get the results you want as quickly and effectively as possible. To learn more and schedule a consultation to discuss options for orthodontics in Alhambra, CA, contact us today.

Why Choose Advanced Dentistry of Alhambra for Orthodontics?

  • Happy to Treat Adults & Children Alike
  • Invisalign: Invisible Treatment, Gorgeous Results
  • Flexible Payment Options Suited for Any Budget

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Young woman holdin Invisalign tray

If you’re an adult who wants to straighten your teeth, facing the world with a mouthful of metal braces is probably the last thing you want to do, but thanks to Invisalign, you don’t have to. With this treatment, the teeth are shifted using a custom-made series of clear plastic aligners. No one will notice you’re using Invisalign unless you tell them, and whenever you want to eat or brush, you can easily take your aligners off until you’re done. This helps Invisalign fit seamlessly into absolutely any lifestyle.

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Traditional Braces

Teen girl with braces

When it comes to crooked, crowded, or oddly spaced teeth and misaligned bites, traditional metal braces offer one of the most affordable and reliable solutions available today. They still work using brackets and wires to shift the teeth, but thankfully, the appliances of today have a much more subtle appearance than the braces you likely saw growing up! Their ease of use and durability make them ideal for younger patients, but they can also help adults who have more complicated orthodontic issues.