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SprintRay 3D Printers: How are They Revolutionizing Dentistry?

July 10, 2023

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a 3D printer creating dental models

Every year, new technology emerges that streamlines and advances dental treatments, providing higher quality results for patients and superior precision and workflow for dental teams. One of these devices is the SprintRay Pro95 S, which is a 3D printer specially designed for practices to provide customized, expert-crafted oral appliances. Read on to learn what this state-of-the-art technology can do for you as a patient, as well as your family dental office.

What is a SprintRay 3D Printer?

The SprintRay 3D printer can be utilized alongside an advanced digital impression system to craft in-house appliances, including orthodontic aligners and protective mouthguards, rapidly and precisely. It’s compatible with several different resins manufactured from top industry brands that are both flexible and durable, allowing patients to utilize the highest quality and best-fitting dental materials for their unique situation.

SprintRay 3D printers also feature advanced software integration with dental practices, allowing the transfer of models and data directly to and from the machine, creating an all-digital workflow for each oral appliance crafted.

What Services Can the SprintRay 3D Printer Provide?

While SprintRay 3D printers craft different types of oral appliances, they’re most popularly used for in-house clear aligner treatment. From start-to-finish, this device allows your dentist to create a detailed digital blueprint of your mouth using their digital impression system that they can then transfer directly to the printer.

From the printer, your dentist is able to craft fixed orthodontic appliances in under 30 minutes, once your treatment plan has been decided. In addition to clear aligners, it’s also able to print brackets as well, allowing patients to exercise their power of choice between convenient clear aligners or tried-and-true traditional orthodontics. The all-digital workflow also makes each follow-up and consultation streamlined and fast, so you’ll waste less time in your dentist’s office.

The Benefits of 3D Printers in Dentistry

3D printers are revolutionizing the dental world by allowing providers to keep more communication and crafting in-office, minimizing any chances for important details to fall through the cracks. In addition to this key advantage of visiting an office with a SprintRay 3D printer, you’ll be able to enjoy other benefits, such as:

  • More accurate results, as the oral appliances are crafted from precise digital models instead of less reliable traditional putty impressions.
  • Improved comfort during treatments, as the trays will be perfectly fitted for your mouth.
  • Enhanced durability due to the use of high-quality, leading-edge resins to create the appliances.
  • Faster treatments and consultations with streamlined digital workflow.

To experience all of the benefits that this phenomenal technology has to offer, visit a dentist who invests in the latest and greatest instruments available to them. Not only will this make each of your dental visits more convenient, but it can also improve your treatment results.

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