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Dental bridge is a long term solution that will restore lost tooth or teeth, support remaining teeth and maintain your normal chewing. When a tooth is lost, ignoring the space it leaves can cause serious problems. When one tooth is missing others can shift and tilt, decay and bone loss may occur, affecting your appearance and jaw movement.

Bridge is a custom made restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth and permanently anchored to neighboring teeth. The bridge is a small prosthesis made from metal covered with porcelain. It includes an artificial tooth that replaces the missing one and crowns that are fitted over the adjacent existing teeth on either side of the gap to hold the artificial tooth in place.

The procedure takes two appointments.

Dental Bridge

First visit: We will shape the abutment teeth and take an impression of the area. This impression goes to our lab where your new restoration is crafted. While this new tooth is fabricated, we will provide you with a temporary restoration that will resemble your natural teeth so that you can continue eat and smile.

Second visit: The Bridge will be fitted and cemented. Some adjustments may be made to ensure that the new bridge feels exactly like your natural teeth.

Benefits of bridge treatment:

  • Restores bite and chewing
  • Improves your smile and speech
  • Prevents shifting and tilting of adjacent teeth
  • Distributes pressure between the teeth
  • Keeps opposing teeth in their proper place

Prevents further dental decay and bone loss