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Here are just few of our patients reviews:

I've had a lot of dental work done before I went to Dr. Dara and now I know what a difference a contemporary technology in great hands could do. Changing a crown usually takes at least two visits to the office, temporary crown and a lot of waiting for the real one to be ready and shipped from the lab (usually overseas) and to be put in place. Dr. Dara takes the old crown off (sooo easy!), takes a 3D scan of the tooth, models and produces the crown in front of your eyes, fits it and mounts it in your mouth in less than 2 hours. I was amassed! Only once you have to go there and only once you have to be given a shot of anesthesia - how great is that! And the modeling is perfect because it is digital, no third party and medium materials involved, so it is mistakes poof.

Great professional, such light hand and very pleasant in person dentist. Highly recommended!

-Nadia G. , Northridge

This was the most amazing experience e-v-e-r. Dr. Gashparova knows what she is doing! She taught me many things regarding my teeth, I was able to ask questions without feeling intimidated or dumb in asking them. She def taught me a lot, told me what work needed to be done, what I felt more comfortable with, and made me feel 100% secure that I'm in good hands. The whole office worked as a team to really fix my issues. You will not regret coming here to get your mouth messed with. Plus, the office space is super nice and clean. Overall the best dentist experience I ever had.

Hands down the best!

-Konstantin P., Los Angeles

No one likes going to the dentist. This group of professionals makes the whole experience much easier. Dara is very professional and informative. The office is very clean and state of the art. She has a good support staff. Very little waiting when I make an appointment. She also give you all the options, not just the most expensive ones.

-Art V., Los Angeles

Dr. Dara (as her regular patients call her) is one of the nicest and most professional dentists I've ever been to. Her staff is just as kind, and they make people feel welcome, calling everyone by their first names and REMEMBERING them each time they come in. My two daughters, 13 and 7, love Dr. Dara, too, and feel comfortable sitting in her chair. She's absolutely at her best with kids (and grown-up kids - aren't we all oversized kids when at the dentist?).

-Renee L., Alhambra

Came in here for a deep cleaning about two months ago and I'm so glad I did! The staff is amazing and very accommodating. My schedule is usually packed so it's hard to make appointments for anything and then to stick by them. I used to make so many changes to my appointments with them but they never complained.

Deep cleaning usually is done in more than one session. We split it up in three sessions. I was dreading how much it was going to hurt because I had heard scary stories from others. Honestly, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. My teeth and gums look amazing!
I had Dr. V help me out. I can't remember her last name except that it starts with V. Lol. She was very nice and took her time to do things properly.

I will be coming here for my future visits.

-Ashita K., West Covina

I'll preface this by saying I was legit terrified to show up here. I haven't been to the dentist in a long time, really bad experience elsewhere when I was about 19 and yeah, another story for another day. I came in for x-rays and saw Dr. Dara and here's the rundown. Office is nice and clean. Staff is informative and super friendly and professional. X-rays and photos taken, Dr. Dara came in to sit with me to talk about literally everything, from the reason why I felt really anxious about being there to every detail on what was going on with my couple of problem teeth. I stayed in for a cleaning and the rest is history. I'll be coming back to have them take care of me in the future for sure. Came in expecting the worst, walked out with peace of mind.

Dr. Dara explained what my best option was and presented me with the numbers, I didn't really feel pressured about it. Further, the secretary was clear that if I needed anything at all changed around, they'd have no problem with that. Fairly happy camper here overall.

-Serena C. , Covina

When our long-time dentist retired, my husband and I had mixed feelings ... Thrilled for her , but what about us?!?  .   We didn't have to worry.  Wonderful Dr. Dara and her excellent staff came to our rescue.  The dental office we went to for years was transformed by updated equipment and modern techniques/advances (furniture, computers, digital x-ray machines, etc).  And best of all, our dental needs are expertly taken care of by Dr. Dara and staff.  Everyone is so patient, welcoming and concerned with their client's comfort.  Thank you for being part of our healthcare family!

-Hula G., San Gabriel

Love this dental office!!!! For parents who are looking for a child friendly environment this is the office best suited for families. My son who is now 6 used to be terrified just to walk into the dentist but  Dr. Dara and her staff have tons of patience and humor that really helped ease my son into getting the best care ever!

-Esmeralda G., Bloomington