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Are crooked teeth only aesthetic problem? | November 6

Most often crooked teeth, overbites, and underbites are inherited just as the color of your eyes or size of your feet. Click here to read more 

The secrets your tongue can tell you | September 9 

Click here to read more

I can’t stop grinding my teeth. Can Dentists help? | July 29 

While you are sleeping, your mouth may be very active. Click here to read more 

Habits that harm your oral health | July 29 

It’s common knowledge that smoking, teeth grinding, and sloppy dental hygiene can negatively impact the health of your mouth, but they’re not the only behaviors that can spell trouble for your teeth and gums. Click here to read more 

Nearly 60% of commonly taken drugs cause Dry Mouth! | February 9 

Dry mouth refers to any condition in which your mouth is unusually dry. Most often, dry mouth is the result of a decrease in saliva produced by the glands in your mouth (salivary glands). Click here to read more 

Can a sinus pressure cause a toothache? | February 9 

Sinuses are air filled cavities inside the human skull; a healthy sinus is filled with air and a small amount of thin mucus that drains away continuously. An infection or inflammation is causing the lining to swell, blocking the drainage. The sinus gets clogged with mucus trapping bacteria that continue to multiply inside and results in sinus congestion. Click here to read more

Are silver fillings safe? | February 7 

I get this question daily.

The debate about amalgams (alloys) or silver fillings has been going on since the 1980’s when there was concern raised about the mercury that is part of the silver filling.  Studies have been done with suggestions that mercury vapors are released from amalgams and in fact, some countries in Europe have banned the use of amalgams.  Research still is not complete and part of the issue is that we don’t know how much mercury is released and how much is too much. Click here to read more